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I am a classical trumpeter. Well, that's one way of looking at it, at least. 

A more accurate description would be: I'm an ever-curious musician who has a joy of performing, collaborating within all genres, arranging, singing... doing what music is best at: communicating.


and welcome to my website.

I have been lucky enough to have performed in many amazing venues, with wonderful musical colleagues, and have a particular love of performing new works and collaborating with composers.

For me, being a musician is more than just the music itself - it is about telling stories, pushing boundaries, and being creative in as many ways as possible. Arranging, transcribing and commissioning are a core part of what I do.

I also have a love of literature, folk music and tales, art, video games, and the natural world - all of which have led me down some pretty interesting and creative routes!

LH LDN (credit

For those
who'd like my biography...

Lucy Humphris is one of the UK’s most innovative and versatile young performers. Her fresh and original approach seeks to widen the instrument’s repertoire and push beyond both musical and technical boundaries...

Here it is:

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